3 Recommended Resources: Anxiety & Depression

I just want to share a few of the resources that I’ve found useful in my journey. There is a wealth of books and information available and it can be pretty overwhelming, maybe this will be helpful to someone trying to narrow down their options.

I was recommended Martin E. P. Seligman‘s work by one of my university tutors. I read two of his books, and would like to recommend both;

1. I would start with ‘Learned Optimism’, which outlines the benefits of optimism and the drawbacks of pessimism, before explaining how you can gradually overturn your pessimistic thinking. The technique described is an effective remedy for pervasive, persistent depressive thinking. https://www.amazon.com/Learned-Optimism-Martin-P-Seligman/dp/1442341130

2. ‘What You Can Change… and What You Can’t (learning to accept who you are)’ explains that not all parts of the self are changeable (due to heritability and other reasons), but outlines the most effective ways of altering the parts that are. The heritability point was interesting to me – I convinced my parents to take the pessimism test in Learned Optimism and we all scored ‘very pessimistic’. My dad was more pessimistic on the permanence scale and my mum was more pessimistic on the pervasiveness scale. Me? I was more pessimistic than both of them as I scored low on both scales! My little brother’s score was only 1 point out from mine.

3. I’d also highly recommend this free mindfulness course run by Monash University. It next opens in February 2017. It’s a really enjoyable and enlightening experience and I often go back to parts of the course – I’d recommend engaging and commenting on the activities as interacting with others really adds to it. One of the major recommendations Seligman makes for the treatment of anxiety is meditation, and this course shows you how you can incorporate mindfulness into not just deliberate meditation practices but into your everyday life. You can sign up for free here – https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/mindfulness-wellbeing-performance

I hope that you’ll find them helpful 🙂


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